Consultation & Supervision

Consultation to Clinicians

Over the past years I have provided both individual and group consultation and supervision to therapists at different points in their training and career. I specialize in relational, attachment based trauma therapy. Building on your innate skills and strengths we can work to deepen your understanding and skills working with those who have experienced different kinds of trauma. Additionally, with extensive training in DBT and years of leading DBT teams I can help you learn the model and apply it effectively whether you are part of a program or working on your own. I offer weekly and bi-weekly face-to-face or video consultation.

DBT Program Building Consultation

Having formed and led adherent DBT teams in different agencies I offer programmatic consultation along with clinical consultation. DBT programs come in different shapes and forms and every clinic/agency has to figure out what works for their model of work and population. In the process of building the program, some things that we would think of are enhancing staff’s knowledge and application of the model, forming a strong DBT team, programmatically structuring the different phases of the treatment, adhering to DBT principals and other dilemmas specific to your program. I offer consultation to programs that are in different stages of building their teams. Whether you are just starting to dream of a DBT component in your program or you are already providing DBT therapy, I can help take your work to the next level.