Authenticity guides the way I practice and is often an underlying goal for many who seek treatment. My style is warm, compassionate, non-judgmental and direct. In our work together we will look for a balance between past experiences that inform the way that you are and current experiences that are new and can be transformational. We will explore and nurture the skills and strengths you bring in, while allowing space for the painful, unprocessed parts to come to be processed through experience and talk.

I am trained and work within different therapeutic frameworks – dynamic interpretation, mindfulness based practices, Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Therapy (AEDP) and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT). I experience and believe in a strong body-mind connection and my practice is informed by it.

Transcending all of the techniques and theories is my belief that a strong, warm and safe therapeutic relationship is at the heart of any type of effective therapy. It is a rich experience being a human in this world, different for each of us, I’m interested in your unique knowledge of it. We will work together to create a therapeutic bond and to find the most effective modality of therapy for you.